Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the first step?
We suggest you get a proof BEFORE you order. That way you know exactly what you are getting. Go to FREE PROOF to get that started. Once you receive your proof then you are welcome to place your order.
Q: How many boxes do I have to order?
The minimum order is only 1 box of any quantity of 250, 500, 1000 or 1300. (For orders larger than 1300 simply order multiple boxes)
Q: How quickly can my order ship? Turnaround time?
Once you email us your artwork we generally have a proof emailed back to you in 1-2 business days. Most orders are shipped in 1-3 business days. If you have a deadline, please make us aware, and we will make every effort to accommodate.
Q: How do I know you will print the correct artwork?

During CHECKOUT there will be a box that says “TELL US WHAT’S ON YOUR SLEEVE” where you can describe your logo or design.

Q: Do I have to attach my proof?

You do NOT have to attach your proof. You will indicate what is on your sleeve on the CHECKOUT page.

Q: How do I get FREE SHIPPING?
You qualify for free shipping (within the contiguous U.S.) when ordering 5 or more boxes of either 1000 or 1300 quantity.
Q: Can I have my shipping expedited?

Yes, you are welcome to pay for expedited shipping; however, we suggest you contact our office for expedited shipping questions. quite often the “ground” shipping can get it there in a timely manner.

Q: Do the prices listed include my logo printed on the sleeves?
Yes, all the prices include your artwork.
Q: Can you print in color?
Yes. The colors available are Black, Red, Green, Blue, Brown, Purple, Pink or Orange.
Q: Can you do 2, 4 or full color printing?
The process we use to do the short-runs only allows for 1 color printing in a standard Red, Green, Blue, Brown, Purple, Pink or Orange. No PMS colors.
Q: Where are you located?
Our office is located in Smyrna, TN (just south of Nashville). We do all printing here on our premises.
Q: What size cups do your sleeves fit?
The standard/large sleeves will fit most 12, 16 & 20 oz cups. We also offer a small sleeve that is specifically designed to fit an 8oz cup.
Q: I have a 10 oz cup. Will the sleeve fit?
There is not a sleeve that is specifically designed for each size cup. In some cases, the large sleeve fits on a 10 oz cup; however, to be sure, we suggest contacting us for a sample.
Q: Is there a price difference between large and small Sleeves?
No, they are the same price. However, our WHITE sleeves are slightly more.
Q: Do you have White Sleeves as well as the Natural colored sleeves?
Yes, we have both natural and white sleeves, and both are made of 60/40 recycled material. We only carry the “dimpled” sleeves and only in white and natural.
Q: Do you carry the smooth sleeves?
No, we currently only carry the “dimpled” sleeves.
Q: Do you print on the back of the sleeve?
Our printing process only allows us to print on the front of the sleeve. The back has a vertical seam with Java Jacket stamped on there and also a “recycled tagline” of 60% recycled material / 40% post-consumer.
Back of Sleeve:
Seam of a custom coffee cup sleeve - Custom Cup Sleeves Smyrna, TN
Q: Can you add some text to my logo?
Certainly. We will be happy to add text such as address, phone number or website at no additional charge. Just indicate what you need when you send artwork to
Q: Who manufactures the “hot cups” you sell?
Our hot cups are single-walled Poly paper cups manufactured by Victoria Bay. These cups are lined with polyethylene which acts as a moisture barrier to keep liquid inside the cup and prevent leaking.
Q: How do you ship? Do you ship to other countries?
We ship via UPS Ground. Yes, we ship ANYWHERE. We find that the best shipping rate for our international customers is through U.S. Postal Service. We ask that International Customers contact us for rates, etc.
Q: Are there any set-up charges?
No. There is no set-up, handling or other charges. Just the box price plus shipping…that’s it!
Q: Can you print on the cups?
No, we do not have the printing capability to print on the cups.
Q: Who manufactures the “cold cups” you sell?
Our cold cups are manufactured by Victoria Bay. They are single use cups made from crystal clear PET plastic which has no flavor transfer as well as being highly durable and impact resistant.
Q: How are your sleeves packed and what are the box dimensions of your sleeves?
All orders are bulk packed (not stacked) with box dimensions and weights as follows: 12″x9″x6″/4 lbs. for 250 count box, 18″x12″x7″/8 lbs. for 500 count box, 20″x12″x12″/16 lbs. for 1000 count box and 20″x12″x12″/19 lbs. for 1300 count box.
Q: Are your sleeves made of recycled material?
Yes. Our sleeves are made by Java Jacket, the inventor of the coffee sleeve. They are made of 60% recycled material with 40% being post-consumer and are compostable as well.
Q: What is the difference between Biodegradable and Compostable?
Biodegradable completely breaks down and returns to nature, decomposing into elements found in nature within a reasonably short period of time after customary disposal.

Compostable products are similar to biodegradable ones, but when they break down, they turn into humus, which provides valuable nutrients to the soil.